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With Many Vids, becoming the “go to” for naughty amateur models, Many Vids Feet is a new library, built to showcase some of the kinkiest girls that are on the many vids platform. Clicking the image will take you to her respective page. So chill out, get a good drink and let’s go!

Queengf90 is a girl with really beautiful feet, actually. Too bad she doesn’t show any top shots whatsoever, blah. Seems like a waste and she leaves herself at risk of limiting her audience. But I digress. She is here, because even with the lack of that look, she’s still fucking fabulous!

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Milaa P is a very cute Latina with an absolute gorgeous pair of feet. Her has herself solo as well as with other girls showing off nothing but stinky feet all day and night. If you dig her, please buy her clips, you know, incentive to keep doing what she’s doing for all of us!

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Freckled Feet is a local barista somewhere in the Northeast. And oh what I wouldn’t do to those hot stinky feet of hers on my face after a hard working double shift. She’s just cute as all hell!

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Fallen Feet is a younger Romanian foot model it seems, unless she randomly knows Romanian. Her feet are cute enough, hopefully at some point she’s have lots of delicious foot fetish clips to choose from.

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Feet Wonders has that Puerto Rican look going on, although I’m not sure if she is or not. I do know that her feet are all kinds of pretty and she seems to update quite frequently.

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