Model Your Feet

Model Your Feet with us! We love featuring Foot Fetish Social Media Models. I list you with 30 images with a direct link back to your page. You get the power of the traffic of my network, we index over 100 niche’s with 5 main niche directories and dozens of satellite sites and concepts which in turn, gains you likes and follows and money for your bills if you run a patreon, only fans, centro etc. If you have your own website or social media page and would like to be listed on our main index, Foot Adoration, please drop us a line and let us know that as well.

What I do for you

I cross promote you on my network.  This means if your busty and model pantyhose I will feature you on my busty directory as well as my sheer directory, etc.

The links on your profile always goes only to your page.

None of your content featured is downloadable.  You can feel great, knowing that we do not proliferate content.

You have carte blanche upload permissions with the tube of your niche.

Your traffic is completely free.  The only thing I ask is a “shout out” to Social Media Feet every now and then.

How to be Included

Please be aware that I index above average to down right beautiful feet. And to do this and ensure quality for our beloved foot fetishists, I hand pick everything that goes on to this foot fetish directory. So keeping that in mind, for various reasons, you may or may not be listed.  I should not have to verbalize this, BUT if you are not listed, it doesn’t mean you suck, lol.  It just means that I’d either like for you to grow your brand a bit or I might not think that your feet fit my audience.  I also generally require face shots as well to prove that you are female, as I only list biological female feet on this social media foot fetish directory.

Some Guidelines

  • Please have at least 80 posts with your social media accounts
  • only lists social media pages that are free.  If you’re hustling anything else, please submit to our sister site Foot Adoration.
  • Please have at least 3 images that also show your face on your social media profile.
  • Please give Social Media Feet a shout out on your page if getting listed with me, link backs are appreciated and it takes a village.

If you Do Not Want your content on this social media foot directory, please fill out the DMCA page and provide proof of ownership as well as the url your images are on. Please allow 12 – 72 hours for your listing to be deactivated.

Please Do Not have

gifs all over the place or links to your membership pay walls with no images.  I only source publicly available pics and media.  I never go into members areas.

Random crazy shit = anything on your page promoting hate, racism, calling people ugly, etc.

Pics with pets..  I mean really?  NO

Dirty mirrors and shit all over the background, I mean you’re selling yourself as a product.  Your brand you know.  I’m a minimalist, but I try not to be a dick about it.

DM’ing or email, if you don’t get back to me, you will most likely get delisted.  It’s rude, I shouldn’t have to explain this.

Be a nice person, don’t be selfish.  Seriously I don’t want to be sending traffic to people or personalities with shadows over them.

Other Opportunities for your feet

I own Her Beautiful Feet and for any foot model, listed in my network, a standing offer of a paid day shoot stands.  I’ll fly you out, you do a non nude foot fetish and foot worship shoot with me and you’re flying, on your way back home, same day and are compensated well for what you’re asked.  I am located in the midwest United States, in a very lovely city.

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