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At Social Media Feet, I wanted a place where anyone can go, to see most of the social media foot fetish models, from amateur foot babes to foot models and foot dommes, online. This is my mission, to catalogue some of the most beautiful amateur feet on social media from all over the world. I always link back to the models page and I share traffic here, as you can see.  Here at Social Media Feet, you can enter contests, ladies earn money with your feet. And much, much more.

As most of you know I also own and produce Her Beautiful Feet.  One of the main reasons that I like to hand pick these beautiful foot models, is because every model listed on this Foot Fetish Link Directory, is always welcome to come down for a day shoot and make some money, modeling your feet for my foot fetish website.  For my surfers, please stay as long as you’d like and I’m happy to have you here.  I’m Chaz Fontana, welcome to my world.

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Winter 2023 / January 1 – What a year 2022 was.  So much growth here at the Afterdarkkmedia network and really looking forward to getting my membership concepts online and caught up at some point this year.  I fell into a deep directory hole last year, but I needed it, the network needed the growth and this year will be for the membership concepts to get on the same page as everything else.  I’ll probably start this pretty soon.  Lastly, resetting all of the right sidebar polls for this year.  I hope none of you did anything crazy last night, lol.  To 2023!

Update Changelog


Please enjoy this visual foot fetish directory.  All of the women here were indexed when they had no outbound links from their social media pages.  So in essence, this foot fetish directory is a library of women that show they’re feet just because they love to tease.  All of these foot fetish content creators have been handpicked for their beauty and the beauty of their pretty feet.  Please surf to your hearts desire and if you check out social media pages, you might like, please look, like and follow for me.

~ Chaz

…Dear Goddesses

If you are here, thank you for putting yourself out there.  Thank you for creating content on the days where you’d rather just not.  Thank you for dealing with the freeloaders, trolls, narcissists and others.  You are an exceptional woman and have been handpicked to be on my visual erotic network.  I am also a producer and know how hard it is to have a targeted audience, working day to day and juggling your passion to pay the bills.  I do the same thing.  The traffic is targeted, organic and free to you.  I never buy traffic and my rankings are from years and sometimes decades of growing my brand and network.  Your idealization is my “thank you” to you for putting yourself out there.  You matter and I see you!

If you are listed here, and you do not wish to have the traffic, please let me know.  I ask one thing in return, if you’d like to remain here.  Please give Social Media Feet a “shout out” every now and then.

I only source promotional content through your publicly available social media channels.  I don’t ravage members areas, and think people who do are criminal.  I only link to your “link tree” pages or your social media directly.  If you’d like to submit a promotional video to my tube, please mail me as well.  I also own and produce Her Beautiful Feet and am always looking for like minded content creators to book and work with.  As a foot fetishist, just to be able to visualize your sweaty feet all around me, it’s just an honor. 🙂

• If any of you dress up for the holidays, I will be featuring random creators on the top of the site on my rotating gallery from now on.

the Afterdarkkmedia Network

I wear alot of hats in adult, I am a collector, as you can see, with all of my visual directory concepts.  I am also a producer as you can see by my own membership portals.  I am a foot fetishist first and foremost, so many of my directories are foot fetish related.  Each foot fetish directory has different models and content creators.  I did that on purpose.  Between this foot tease directory, Foot Adoration and Sheer Porn, I have over 1300 foot and sheer centric models, content creators, sites and galleries indexed, ready to show you.  Making this network, one of the largest foot fetish and sheer fetish visual erotic directories on the net.

Foot Adoration – This is our main foot fetish directory.  At the time of this writing, Foot Adoration is one of the larger foot fetish directories online. Gothic Foot Models is all about the subversive eroticism of alt female feet.  Sheer Porn – This visual sheer directory is also one of the largest on the net.  If you have an interest in sheer pantyhose, stockings or nylons, you’ll love this sheer porn directory.

You might also know that I run alot of other niche directories, if you’re looking for the equivalent of Social Media Feet, but in the form of big tits, you’ll love Hot Busty Models.  Want a bigger busty index?  Big Chested Models has you covered.  If you love Busty BBW’s, you’re sure to dig Busty BBW Porn.  Have a thing for hot babes?  Hot Net Babes has you covered.  If you are like me and love chicks with more of an edge, you will fall in love with alt Goddess.  Between all of them I am sending quality traffic to over 5000 content creators and websites.

• This foot fetish directory is online / re-indexed on August 17 2022.

…if we were a song.  Happy Holidays peeps!

..interesting music? I am an ex goth kid and just like dark stuff I guess. There is no religious significance to it. Doom metal's my favorite!

Newest Foot Fetish Content Creators

Sending traffic to 208 Foot Models and Content Creators on Social Media, since 2020

Foot Models on Social Media

Foot Models on Social Media are, of course, the reason that I created this website. I surfed my favorite facebook, twitter, instagram, etc, etc. foot models and most of them, at some point, just vanished. No warning, no “good bye’s”, just poof, gone with the wind, one day. This foot fetish directory of women’s feet on social media is here, to fill that void. Here are to some of our latest amateur foot models!

Long Toenails

Long Toenails were originally not in my appetite when I first got my foot fetish when I was a wee lad, but I had some especially intense foot crushes on some of my classmates on and off through school and college and the beauty and elegance of their feet, most all of my foot crushes had toenails that were just over the tips of their toes.  And it just kinda stuck, so I’ll always give love to this micro niche in the foot fetish cosmos.

Foot Dommes on Social Media

Being able to check out Foot Dommes on Social Media from around the world, is just kinda mind blowing to me. I love technology and the time we’re living in! These are some of the most spectacular Foot Dommes that I have sourced on social media thus far. They resonate power and control. And from the sweat of they’re feet, we will nourish and drink. Please enjoy and please support these women!

Coed Feet

Oh I do love the Coed Feet niche.  Young women with some of the stinkiest feet I’ve ever come across.  I used to be lucky enough to smell some of my female friends feet when I was in college and their feet were all so hot, wet and angry.  Granted it was in the Southern U.S. back in the 90’s, but still these memories come up often in an observant foot fetishists mind and what beautiful memories they are.

Mature Foot Models on Social Media

Mature Foot Models on Social Media is also very close to me, as the woman that turned me on to feet, (my primary), was an older woman. The scent of their feet are a bit different. The subtle lines in their faces tell a story. The foot of an older woman also tells of her own personal journey. I’ll always include this niche in everything, foot fetish related that I do. I love mature women and they’re feet just that much…

The Afterdarkkmedia Network

I’ve been around since the late 90’s online.  This incarnation of my noted fetish directories has been around since 2002.  The Afterdarkkmedia Network has indexed over 1400 foot centric erotic content creators in over 68 sub niches.  From forced foot worship to sheer pantyhose.  Please feel free to browse my trusted directories in this niche.  Lastly, please note that every directory is different, I don’t usually feature the same content creators twice unless they are “God like” like most of them, haha.  So you can be sure that each visit is a unique and hot as fuck experience for ya 😉

Foot Adoration

Foot Adoration

With over 500 foot fetish content creators indexed, we are one of the largest foot fetish creator directories on the net.  Foot Adoration is also going be 10 years old in 2023.

Foot Pervert

Foot Pervert

Foot Pervert has been many things since it launched in 2005.  Most of what foot pervert was intended to be, is what foot adoration is now.  Currently this is an interactive foot fetish gallery.

Sheer Porn

Sheer Porn

Sheer Porn is the largest visual sheer directory on the net and is just like foot adoration, but for sheer pantyhose, nylons and stockings.  With over 600 Sheer creators indexed, this is a sheer foot based directory.

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