Social Media Feet Changelog

Welcome to my Social Media Feet Changelog.  Here, you can see the updates, as well as changes that this foot fetish directory has made in the past.  I wanted to add this functionality to further enhance the site for everyone who might surf us on the day to day.


Spring 2022 / May 26 – Hey all, back here, doing updates.  I kinda hated that all purple color scheme.  It’s fixed now.  For tonight, I’m updating buttons, refreshing image rollovers, adding a “Spotlight Feet” area up above, and adding some more promotional images from the content creators that are listed here.  Welcome to version 6.6!  Hope you all are well.

Spring 2022 / April 29 – …So I just came over to update and the color just kinda hit me like a wet slap in the face, haha.  Sorry about that.  Doing core updates tonight and adjusting the color scheme.  If you’re wondering why I’m not doing updates with content creators right now, I’m working on my other indexes adding sponsor content.  This fall though, I plan to be back updating this site and Hot Busty Models, which is kinda in the same boat right now, fyi.

Spring 2022 / March 23 – Hey all, just doing some site maintenance.  Hope you’re all well.  Next update later this Spring, will put this foot fetish directory over 200 free social media foot models who post for the love of it.  Happy Spring solstice as well.

Winter 2022 / March 12 – ‘morning everyone.  Doing a slow update to version 6.5.  I’ll be back next weekend to finish it.  I really need to get my membership sites and my network caught up.  I literally do this each and every day 7 days a week, every year, as it’s still not enough time, haha.

Winter 2022 / January 17 – Hey all, just checking in.  Nothing in que to index with this site right now.  I hope that you are all well and are enjoying my foot centric visual libraries. ;). Also check out my big sister site Foot Adoration for hundreds more women with beautiful feet.


Winter 2021 / December 22 – Hey all, it’s been a minute.  Putting a couple up tonight for you all.  I’ll tell ya, finding women on social media with beautiful feet, with browsing content of decent quality, willing to pose, without an only fans account is getting harder and harder to find.  that’s why I don’t update with the volume here, that I do with my other visual niche directories..  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Let’s pray 2022 is better than this year has been, lol.

Fall 2021 / November 30 – Happy Holidays all!  I’m doing an incremental version update today.  This will involve the gallery images and the rollovers associated with it.  So just changing the style on those.  I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to get to that “200 content creators indexed” milestone!

Fall 2021 / November 5 – Putting a couple more foot centric content creators up as we come up on over 200 foot models indexed!  Happy Fall everyone!

Fall 2021 / October 18 – Hey everyone, I’m back.  That was a much needed break.  So tonight, adding a couple of new foot models for your browsing pleasure.  If you communicate with any of these foot models, please don’t be shy, telling them that we sent ya!

Fall 2021 / October 7 – Hola peeps, I’m a little burned out and taking a break from my directories.  While away, I’ll be revamping my membership sites.  I’ll be back soon.  For now, enjoy the indexed foot fetish content creators that I’ve put up already!

Summer 2021 / /September 13 – Hey all, a little version update this afternoon to 6.2.  Upgraded buttons, updating 404 creators and tidying things up for the fall.. which is less than 2 weeks away, wooooot!!  < It’s my favorite season.  Also uploading a couple of more foot fetish content creators today.

Summer 2021 / August 24 – Back so soon?  Why yes I am, I am doing my yearly update now.  This year, I’m adding “Long Toenails” and “Coed Feet” to the libraries since we are just growing too fast.  This will also make scrolling on mobile not as lengthy.  Also updating 404 sites and adding more promotional content to sites that had under 30 pics.  Lastly, adding to the models carousel this evening.

Update – Holy hell, there are alot more content creators that are 404 now, than I originally thought.  Some good ones too.  Girls that I thought were going to do really, really well.  Blah.  On page 2, heading down the home stretch.  I’m also making this a version update, too many changes.  Popular and Top Rated Feet are now faster, not as pretty, but faster.  Network, now has some of my other niche directories you can check out.  I have the GDPR in place as well as our age disclaimer to keep the riff raff out, so welcome to version 6.1.  This directory will be indexed by mid morning.

Summer 2021 / August 22 – Putting up 3 more foot model finds today.  The site is not as fast as it was and that’s because I am trying to make a new module work and the old GDPR module and cache module f*cked up the new module, blah.  But on the other side of the coin, the site load time is still about 3 seconds.

Summer 2021 / August 2 – Throwing up some gorgeous foot models this early afternoon.  You’ll also see that there is now an archive button below the “feet of the week” image.  Other than that, back to indexing 😉

Summer 2021 / July 27 – Updating to version 6 this evening.  There is alot of data on this page and it’s been loading too slow, so I am going minimalist for a bit.  See you all next week!

Summer 2021 / July 16 – Hey all.  Adding a couple today.  It’s becoming increasingly rare to find feet on social media with free pages.  And I get it.  Hell, if I were a chick and so inclined, I’d be doing the same thing.  God thing is that this is an ongoing index.  And although I ‘m not throwing up entire walls with my updates like our sister site Foot Adoration, It’s exciting to see what the future brings for some of these content creators that we’re happy to be sending good traffic to!  Lastly, these 2 new foot models are set up in the new gallery format.  Hope you enjoy it!

Summer 2021 / June 27 – Hola, adding a couple today, hope you are all well!  Happy 4th of July as well 😉

Spring 2021 / June 13 – Hey all, got some nifty B-52’s in the background, hee, let me show what I’ve found on the net since your last visit. ;).  I’m going to a 2 week update schedule.  This network has gotten so big, yet I feel like I am not making enough forward progress.  So a 2 week rotating schedule will allow me to catch up and start making progress and I’m pretty excited about that..

Spring 2021 / June 3 – So word, Version 5.8 , keeping in line with the overall design of my other foot fetish directories.  This is pretty much, all visual, with some performance tweaks on the back end.  Please feel free to browse or peruse what these foot models have to offer.  They don’t have Only Fans or Patreon pages, they pretty much create foot fetish content for the love of the niche.  And that’s pretty damn cool!

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